New Series: Contender vs Pretender – Are You Authentic in Faith? (March 2018)

New Series: The Two Greatest Commandments (February 2018)

New Series: We Are A New Creation (January 2018)

New Series: Christ’s Birth and Significance (December 2017)

New Series: The Book of Hebrews (September-November 2017)

New Series: Paul’s Letters (July – August 2017)

New Series: Living in His Word (May – June 2017)

New Series: The Four Gospels (January 2017-April 2017)


New Series: S T R E T C H E D (September 2016-December 2016)

Success in life requires a growth mindset. It demands approaching resistance as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. And it’s only when you stretch beyond what you thought was possible that you discover strength you never knew.

Whatever it is, we’re here for you.